(Posted 10 September 2020)

BCRA Annual Meeting

7 pm Wednesday, 16 September 2020, at the Clubhouse

In person seating is limited, so please call the Clubhouse at 630 529-9660 for reservation.

We will be voting for one At-Large position on the Board of Directors currently held by BCRA Treasurer Paulette Wirkus.  Proxies are available at the Clubhouse or by email from Mary Bahr at msbahr@gmail.com.  

Please remember that we need a quorum at this meeting so your attendance or proxy is much appreciated.

BC-IV Annual Meeting  

7 pm Tuesday, 22 September 2020, at the Clubhouse

We will be electing the BC-IV representative to the BCRA Board.  Proxies are available, per above.


The Clubhouse will open for limited use on 13 July.   
Please check the BCRA Newsletter for further details.

Renovation of the Courts is behind schedule because of wet soil conditions.

We hope the hot weather will dry the soil enough to proceed.

Emails may be sent to Mary Bahr, BCRA Secretary, at msbahr@gmail.com

From: Bloomfield Club <club@bloomfieldclub.org>
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2020 3:30 PM
To: club@bloomfieldclub.org

This message is being sent to you today because you won’t receive the August Newsletter until next week and there is information that may be of interest to you.
The August Newsletter will be a paper copy mailed to all Residents because it contains information for the September 16th Annual Meeting.

The Outdoor Pool is opening on Saturday, August 1st and remaining open through Wednesday, September 30th. There are 25 Residents, including children, allowed in the pool for each reservation period. The three reservation periods are: 11-2, 2-5 & 5-8. You can call on Friday, July 31st from 10:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. to make a reservation for Saturday or you can call on Saturday. All reservations need to be made either the day before you want to use the pool or the day of. At this time, there are no guests allowed. The phone number is 630-529-9660.

When you come to the pool gate, wear a mask and bring your Bloomfield ID.
Your temperature will be taken. If it is 100 degrees or more, you cannot proceed.
You will be given a Waiver of Liability to sign. The chairs and lounges are separated around the pool for social distancing. If you put some of these together, please put them back where they were when you leave.

For the last 15 minutes of your scheduled time, you will leave the pool and the attendant will sanitize the chair arms with a UV light wand. 

The locker rooms are available with a limit of two people at one time.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Children over two years old must wear a mask when entering the pool area.

Please call with any questions,

Bloomfield Club Staff


Bloomfield Club

Dave Smith
:  BC-IV Representative



Bloomfield Club Recreation Association

201 Bloomfield Parkway

Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108


tel: 630 529-9660

Clubhouse hours:  10 am - 9 pm

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Dial-A-Ride Reservations 1-800-713-7445

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Anonymous Crime Tip Line  630 529-7274

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Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at the Club House, starting at 7 pm.

Homeowners welcome!



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     BC-IV Information       

September 2019:  BC-IV Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, 24 September, 7 pm at Clubhouse.  20 of 75 households were represented.  For the 2020 term, David Smith was elected BCRA Board Representative.  Tony Fato was elected Alternate, to represent BC-IV at BCRA meetings David Smith would be unable to attend. A motion was approved to appoint a BC-IV committee to select a successor to either David Smith or Tony Fato should one or both be unable to continue in office or attend BCRA meetings to represent BC-IV for the 2020 term.  The Appointment Committee will consist of following BC-IV residents:  Paulette Wirkus, David Smith, Tony Fato, and Mary Bahr.  Among the issues discussed were the following:  1.  The BCRA 2020 Budget, which is yet to be approved.  Projects involved include the upcoming tennis court renovation.  2.  The necessity of maintaining our community standards.  

September 2018: Mary Bahr elected as BC-IV Representative, with David Smith as alternate.  

September 2017:  Mary Bahr elected as BC-IV/Luxury Homes Represenative.  

February 2016: Tony Fato resigned; Mary Bahr appointed as new  BC-IV/Luxury Homes Representative.

20 Oct 2014:  Tony Fato was reelected as the BCRA Board Representative for BC-IV/Luxury Homes; reelected in 2015.

25 Sep 2013: The Bloomfield Club Luxury Homes (BC-IV) had its annual election for its BCRA Board Representative on Tuesday, 24 September. Mary Bahr announced she was not running for reelection, having already served six years (since 2007), needing a break from this and from chairing the BCRA Landscaping effort, and hoping that fresh perspective and energy would advance the effort to improve our neighborhood, those homeowners in attendance and with proxies, unanimously elected Tony Fato our new representative to the BCRA Board. A longtime resident, Tony lives at 162 Greenfield Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 6018. Tel: 630-505-3383 email: tfato@centerforsurgery.com Tony has an MBA and runs his own business, and he is eager to put his experience to work for us. If you have issues you'd like him and BCRA to address, he welcomes your input. As part of this, he and his supporters will make even more use of the BC-IV website: http://www.luxuryhomes.bloomfieldclub.org/ available through links from www.bloomfieldclub.org. Also put to use will be the BCRA email list on an opt-out basis; notice to be put in the upcoming BCRA newsletter.  - Bill Bahr

Previous Letters to BC-IV Homeowners



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